Friends of the Charity

These are our friends who have helped the project over time. We are truly fortunate to have such wonderful people to support the work we do.

Adam Pullman, Alan England, Alan Hiscox, Andy & Nat Hornsey, Andy Bulford, Andy Smith, Ann & Brian Henderson, Anne Rice

Bill Soan, Billy Monger, Bob Shipman

Cadburys, Camilla Saroca, Carey Ellis, Caroline Hart, Chris Harris, Chris Howland, Chris & Rita Harbour, Chris & Lorraine Pullman, Chris & Deb McKellick, Colin Ringham, Colin Walters, ComputerAid

Dave, Lee & Jamie Caroline, Dave Mitchell, Dave and Denise Claughton, Dave & Lucy Nunn, David & Sarah Danaher, Daz, Greg, Nick (Progem Racing), Dennis Dunne, Diana Barkes

Ellie & Pete Philpott, Elida Fidler

Fee Budgen, Fireco, Frascati Racing

Geoff and Margaret Travell, George & Iris Williams, Gerard V D Helm, Gill Malinowski, Graham West, Greg Symes

Hannah Pullman, Hock Chan, Howard Lucas, Hydraquip

Ian & Tracy Groombridge, Ian Marlow & the Team at HFM, iCare UK Ltd, IFS, Iztech, Ian Ward

Jack Mitchell, James Dexter, James Harrod-Green, Jason King, Jeff Johnson, Jim White, Joe Flay, Joe & Jum Gillen, Joe Hickerton, Joelle Watkins, Jonathan Hill, James Brown, James Clarke, Jay Fairbrass

Karen James, Ken Webb, Kevin Gare

Le Mans Teams, Lucy Saby, Londinium Property Services, Laurence Sait and family

Mark Bailey, Mark Burgess, Mark Gunning, Martin Collard, Michael Pollard, Mike Scudamore, Marussia F1 team, Matt Walsh

Olympic TCR Racing

Paul Beatty, Peter Carne, Peter West, Phil Rudd, Planet Knox, Project 1 Racing

Ray Crossley, Rene Lubbock, Ross Racing, Roy Baker, Russell Crowe, Richard Mann

Sean Doherty, Southwark YOS group, Simon Herring, St Stephens School, Sarah Chambers, Stef Zaremba, Steve Harley, Steve, Adam, Pete (Spa Racing), Steve, Chip, Phil, Noel (Focus Racing) Shelley Eglem, Sue Hart

The Bayliss Boys, The Benson Family, The Chambers families, The Dowlings, The Thomassens, Thomas Grainger, Tim Cooke, Tim Kerr, Tony Graham, Tony & Paul Hall, Tony Keene, Tracy & Bob Pope, Trevor Blackmur

UK Karting

Vince & Ann LePine, Vanquish Developments

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