How do we do this?

The schools

The Philippines Schools Project helps with the refurbishment, equipping and re-building of two schools, (an Elementary and High school) in the Pangasinan region of the Philippines, where my wife is originally from. She was once a student at both these establishments.

In the UK

We spend most of the year in the UK raising money and collecting school supplies and clothes, which we parcel up and send by sea once each year. These parcels are held in safe storage until we arrive there. Our fund-raising activities and events provide the finance for the building works and refurbishments we undertake while we are there. They also increasingly support some of the students and we currently have over 200 students in receipt of scholarships.

Packing our boxes to send to the Philippines

In the Philippines

Once in the Philippines we organise building works as required in consultation with the school principals, and distribute the school supplies. The clothes, which were wrapped around goods inside our parcels for protection, are distributed to the local community. We have been fortunate to forge good contacts for larger items such as computers, and we now have more than 40 working units there.

Where does the money go?

Every penny collected, every pencil supplied, goes straight to the schools, we make no deduction from the charity for our own costs. In addition to the building, refurbishment and repair works some more mundane purchases are required. For every computer we need make a table to stand it on and a chair for a student to sit upon. We get local craftsmen to do all the building and fabrication work and these same folk will make book cabinets for the books we have bought to the schools. So ultimately all the money we raise is paid into the local community.

More information

If you would like more information on the work we do, then please dont hesitate to drop us a mail. If you would like to donate goods or money, we would be very grateful. Financial donations via the “donate” page, or other links on this site will take you to a secure payment facility. For other donations drop us an email. We require all the usual school supplies: Pencils, ballpoint pens, paper and writing pads, rulers, erasers etc. and general clothing (although nothing too warm!)

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