Its a small world

Posted: February 25, 2015

I couldn’t post a blog in January – internet issues! If I could, this is what it would have said! We were going to get a meal at the local McD. I paid for the meal as Jo looked for a table, but there were none free. There was a four-seater with two vacant seats, next to two marine students. We asked to sit with them and, of course, they invited us. Once we had sat, Jo asked what they were studying but before they told us, they said they recognised us, as they had both been students at the Botao schools. Moreover, they had both won one of our scholarships during their time there. Now they were trying to further their career and preparing for a life on the ocean waves. As we finished our meal we told them how happy we were for them, and how proud we were of them. They wanted their photo taken, and Jo obliged. Good luck boys, happy sailing.