Our Work

We work very hard to fulfil the aims and objectives of the Philippines Schools Project. We work tirelessly all year round to provide the best possible education for the pupils of Botao school in the Philippines. It is with your help that this is all possible. Take a look at the following pages for a full description of our work within the charity and please get in touch if you would like to help or support us.

How did it start?

Quite by chance really, in 2006! My wife Jo had often talked of her times at and walking to the schools, not far from where we now stayed when in the Philippines. We decided, on a whim to visit Jo’s old schools, she hadn’t seen them for over 30 years. Jo said …Continue reading

How can you help?

There are lots of ways to help! The easiest, of course, is just to give us some money! Or maybe you fancy organising a fund-raising event of your own, wed love to hear your ideas. Maybe youve got some simple school stuff, or perhaps know of someone who might be …Continue reading

How does this help?

For schooling If you think all of this is small beer, let me illustrate how this helps. There is not the state support that we enjoy in the UK. A years school fees for the elementary school is about £4.50 (depending on currency fluctuations), and many children do not go …Continue reading

How do we do this?

The schools The Philippines Schools Project helps with the refurbishment, equipping and re-building of two schools, (an Elementary and High school) in the Pangasinan region of the Philippines, where my wife is originally from. She was once a student at both these establishments. In the UK We spend most of …Continue reading